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Data Sharing Products
  • Share calendars among members, updated by you.

  • Share in/out boards among members, updated by you.

  • Share FAQs among your members, updated by you.

  • Share custom price lists with your customers.

  • Share reports with your customers or vendors.

  • Share internal documents among your members.

  • Allow your clients to sign-in to special forums.

  • Allow your clients to sign-in to view industry specific knowledge bases.

  • Use on-line calculators for your specific industry.

  • Archive data, for backup or make available to you while traveling.

  • View RSS News feeds on your site or ours.

  • Bulk Email Products
  • Send Email Alerts to clients.

  • Send your client bills thru email.

  • Send your newsletters via email to all your clients.

  • Send an Email Alert for New Product Annoucements.

  • Send a Daily Famous Quote of the Day to clients.

  • Website Tools
  • Track specific page hits on your website, in real-time.

  • Use our Web Email Form to protect your emails from spam.

  • Improve your site's Search Engine Ranking.

  • Allow your client to register on line for Email Alerts.

  • Allow your clients to share large files which exceed email limits.

  • Your clients or users are always required to login & all their activity is tracked.
    You determine what your clients or users have access to.
    You are not required to own a domain name or website, unless you want one.
    If you already have a website, you can link to our web tools and save development time.
    We use database technology to build dynamic pages in real-time.